International IP search specialists

Our Information Division offers a wide range of international search and retrieval services that encompass Intellectual Property (IP) and other technical literature (such as journals, text books, conference proceedings and trade literature). In October 2003, the Division joined forces with Minesoft Ltd to launch PatBase, a powerful international patent database designed by professional patent searchers, which subscribers can use online to conduct their own searches.

The Information Division is divided into four departments, according to the types of work:

  • Search – Patent, Non-Patent and Design search assignments, by subject matter, applicant/inventor name, or a combination of both.
  • Watch – Alert, Monitoring and Current Awareness services (regular reporting by subject matter, applicant/inventor, classification or specific application).
  • Documentation – all non-technical aspects of IP (File Wrappers/Status/Copies).
  • PatBase – international patent database.

Every member of our Search team has at least a first engineering or science degree, and many also have post-graduate qualifications. They can all read English, French and German and are trained extensively in the art of information science. Familiarity with library systems, patent classifications and systems, database searching and the structure of patent documents is essential to our work. If required, our technical and in-house teams are assisted by other RWS offices and associates around the world.

Our PatBase team includes programmers, developers and data specialists and benefits from the expertise of the RWS search division. PatBase is the only commercial database to be designed by professional searchers, for professional searchers.

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