At RWS, we monitor competitors, technological areas and specific patents of interest. Automated or bespoke options are available, depending on your individual requirements.

Fixed-Price Patent Watch - click for more

A fixed-price patent watch is conducted in our own PatBase database, with automated email delivery. A watch profile is set up according to your specifications, either by:

  • Classification (usually by IPC, but also by ECLA or USPC if required), and/or
  • Applicant, and/or
  • Inventor.

Subject Matter Watch

A subject matter watch provides regular current awareness reports that keep you informed of the activities of your competitors and potential competitors in a particular sector. We offer a highly specialized and focussed service that matches exactly our clients' subject profiles.

Applicant / Inventor Watch

An applicant/inventor watch monitors the activities of specific competitors or other identified bodies. The watch can be further limited to particular subject matters in the case of competitors who operate in a broad range of sectors.

Status Watch 

A status watch monitors the progress of specific applications or patents and highlights any changes in status (i.e. if they are granted, published, withdrawn or have lapsed, etc.).

Design Watch

A design watch is available by subject, applicant, inventor or classification (Locarno, US and other national office systems).

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