Scan Search - click for more

This is a fixed-price, low-budget search that provides a concise ‘first-look” to identify prior art relevant to the key concepts of a proposed invention. A Scan Search can be upgraded to an All–Zones International Novelty Search.

Novelty Search - click for more

We offer two types of novelty search: standard (available at a fixed price) and customized (with the price being calculated according to your specific requirements). For standard novelty searches, we use classification- and/or keyword-based techniques, while customized searches are more in-depth and may cover a broader range of classification headings.

Validity Search - click for more

For validity searches, we also take account of non-patent documents if required, as we appreciate that they may be just as important as patent literature. If non-patent documents are included in the search, our report gives the title of the article, specifies whether they are marginal or relevant, and indicates what they disclose. In order to keep the price as low as possible, we do not provide copies/abstracts of every reference cited, but instead only those we consider to be the most relevant. We offer a fixed-price standard search, but can also work to specific budgets or provide you with a quote tailored to your specific needs.

Infringement Search - click for more

For infringement searches, attention is drawn to specific claims that could pose a potential infringement risk. Claims that are no longer in force and/or disclosures that may indicate right-of-use (i.e. the invention being in the public domain) are also reported. These searches are normally conducted according to your specific requirements, but a fixed-price standard infringement search is also available.

State-of-the-art Search

In their simplest form, state-of-the-art searches are intended to highlight a handful of cases representative of a particular technology, and can be used to identify whether any particular features of a proposed technology are evident in the patent prior art. Before we conduct this type of search, you need to indicate precisely what you hope it will achieve.

Collection Search

In general, collection searches are often used to obtain a history of a particular subject, which may be used to develop a specialist library or identify new possible areas of R&D. Consequently, the instructions given for this type of search can be quite broad, and the search itself may take a long time to complete.

Assignee / Name Search

These searches can either detail all documents published under a particular name or they can be restricted by a specific subject matter. As well as searching for standard names, we also take account of and search variations that may arise, particularly due to translation or transliteration.

Design Patent Search - click for more

Subject-matter searches can be conducted in relation to either a specific Design to establish novelty/validity/right-of-use, or a more general concept to establish the state-of-the-art. Design search lists can be generated using the Locarno/US classification systems or other national office systems, as appropriate. For validity searches, we can include a search of non-patent literature in order to anticipate any existing Design registrations. For name searches, we can either list all Designs registered under a given name or restrict the search to a specific subject matter. If the search is intended to identify identical or similar Designs, then it is useful to have a representation of the Design in question for comparison purposes. For searches relating to a general subject area, a written description is normally sufficient.

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