In order to make the right decisions, you need to closely monitor the legal status of the relevant patent portfolio of your competitors. However, reliable status information for patent applications and granted patents (including national patents based on granted European patents) is not always easy to obtain. There is no centralized system – every patent office has to be contacted in turn, and the quality and extent of the information they provide varies significantly (not to mention the issue of how ‘official’ this information actually is).

At RWS, we provide detailed status reports on specific third-party patents and patent applications, giving precise information on any developments that have recently been made (e.g. concerning current ownership, the payment of annuities, the filing of related applications or the lodging of oppositions by other interested parties). These reports are all available in English and provide you with a perfect, cost-effective solution that is tailored to your own specific requirements. For most countries we can offer a fixed price. If this not available, we can provide estimates.

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